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Great Food and Drink at a Reasonable Price

Prepared with Attention to Detail. Cheerfully Served by Professionals.

43 Cricket Restaurant and Bar is Doing It Right

Finally. A family friendly neighborhood restaurant and bar that’s doing it right. Serving simple food and drink — done well. Fresh ingredients. Familiar dishes created with an attention to detail and served by professionals who want to please you. 43 Cricket Restaurant and Bar has set out to create a comfortable dining experience. Why? Frankly, because, we want you back. We are in this for the long haul and we are planning on your repeat business. Your life is hectic and we want 43 Cricket Restaurant and Bar to be a place where you feel comfortable taking the family. An easy place to catch a quick bite. We are the neighborhood place you can fall back on to feed the brood and feel good about it. We want you to leave feeling knowing that you ate well, you drank well, you were treated well and you got your money’s worth. No buyer’s remorse. The Management of 43 Cricket Restaurant and Bar think that’s how it should be.